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With the YEGListings Team

Finding the right home can be challenging.  Then add in all the unknown factors and it can be a perilous journey.  Our team will be with you every step of the way, navigating you through the process.  Our experience has allowed us to help thousands of buyers find their dream home, now let us help you! Our team will...

  1. Identify Your Needs and Wants
    Understanding your needs begins by understanding how you want to be communicated with. Although the best results are often had when we meet in person to discuss your particular desires, we are equally adept in other means of communication. Your needs come first and once we know your wants, needs and timeline, we can suggest your best plan of action. You will be delighted knowing I have a team ready to help you secure the best Home at the price and terms that are most suitable to you.

  2. No Pressure Tactics  
    We understand that we are in "service" and not "sales", which is one of the things that makes us fundamentally different from other real estate providers.  Whether your search is immediate or long term, we are with you to provide the best of advice and guidance throughout  your buying process.

  3. Education on What Sellers and Real Estate Professionals Must Disclose to Prospective Buyers 
    We take the time to discuss what potential issues are of concern to you, and educate you as to various types of disclosures you should know about. We'll cover Latent Material Defects, as well as other items sellers may be required to disclose to you. We'll also discuss the obligations we have to parties we represent and the various forms of representation that are available to you. These are important conversations to have long before you start looking at properties.

  4. Pre-Qualification
    Upon request I will suggest lenders that would be most suitable for your needs. Working with our lenders guarantees you search for and find a home in the price range that is best for you. You get full access to my private on-line network of properties that fall in your price range. I will notify you as new listings become available.

  5. Organize Home Showings and Provide Information on Areas You Desire
    You can access properties on-line at the same time real estate professionals do. Together we will select the right homes to view at a time that is most convenient for all. When there are changes to your search criteria or changes to one of the listings, you receive immediate e-mail notification. A member of my team can show you the homes as soon as they come on to the market.

  6. Outline of All Costs
    Surprises are unwanted! We will go through all the costs you can expect as we navigate the waters of your home purchase. Budgeting is important and you'll want to know all about this topic before we begin. Additionally we will have discussions about other important factors, such as when deposits are due, and when they become forfeitable. 

  7. Offers Written With Terms And Conditions To Protect You
    Once you find the right home and make the decision to purchase it, you'll want to move quickly. With my help, your offer is written on your terms. With professional guidance, your offer is correct and all conditions you require are included. If you need it, you will get the time to consult with banks, appraisers, building inspectors, and family - without any pressure from me. With these conditions written in for your protection, you can move quickly and confidently to secure the home you desire.

  8. Professional Representation Through All Stages Of Offer
    Most people list their homes expecting to negotiate. Usually room for negotiation is available. Knowing how long a property has been on the market as well as comparable sale data is valuable when negotiating. We will prepare an opinion of the value of the home you are considering BEFORE you make an offer. Only then can you make the right decisions for you. You get the best of advice throughout the process.

  9. Organize Financing and Building Inspection
    Securing the best financing can save you thousands of dollars through the life of an average mortgage. And it doesn't necessarily all come down to the lowest rate! Pre-payment and bi-weekly payment options are items we can discuss so you are making the most of your money. You not only want to feel comfortable with your with your purchase, but also with the financing and the timing required to make it all come together.

    Another factor contributing to your comfort is hiring a professional home inspector. This is our opportunity to go through your home with a fine tooth comb and make sure that you are buying the home you think you are buying. Having the right professional home inspector gives peace of mind and guards your pocket book. A proper inspection will cover all areas of the house both structurally and mechanically and give you an objective view of the property. You will have the opportunity to review your written report indicating any areas of concern. 

  10. Assist and Coordinate Physical Moves 
    Through my strategic alliances, I offer you reliable and professional contacts with local lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, builders, and other skilled experts to help you find and secure the new property for your family. As part of your transition into a new home, I will coordinate all required services. That makes your part a whole lot easier.

Transform Your Home Buying Experience Into Satisfaction and find out how we earned the reputation of delivering Service Beyond Sold! 

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